APWH Review Materials

  • In this folder you will find the major review packets (Cram Packets) for each unit.  Each packet should be printed out and placed in the corresponding unit in your binder. The Packets are labeled under the new periods as per the College Board Redesign for this course, the actual packets however still contain the "old" periods that were used last year....regardless place them in the appropriate divider. ( Unit 1 last year is Unit  1 and 2 this year, Unit 2 becomes Unit 3, 3 becomes 4, 4 to 5 and Unit 5 packet last year is Unit 6 this year)  If this is confusing just print the review packets out and have them ready, I'll explain more clearly in class.

    In addition you will find other review information that I will upload as the year goes on...

    Mr. H

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