• Alone by Rigoberto Juarez

    by R. Juarez Length: 3 Minutes 57 Seconds

    Rigo is a Junior at DVHS.  His podcast is about how some events in his life have made him appreciate both close friendships and solitude.

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  • An Unexpected Gift by Antonio Tapia

    by A. Tapia Length: 2 Minutes 18 Seconds

    This is Antonio's last year at Desert Valley and he was honored to have been a part of Scorpion Tales.  In this story, he remembers a day during summer in which he was given a surprise gift from his grandparents.

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  • A Snow Globe Memory by Anna Speltz

    by A. Speltz Length: 6 Minutes 6 Seconds

    Ms. Speltz is tremendously proud of every student who learned alongside her and gave voice to the stories in Scorpion Tales. She cannot offer enough thanks to Principal Munguia, Ms. Munguia, and Mr. Jimmy Gilder for their generous help and support throughout this project. Her own episode draws inspiration from a childhood memory and an essay she wrote as a high school student. Ms. Speltz would like to dedicate this story to her sister, Clare. 

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  • Coco by Joseph Chacon

    by J. Chacon Length: 5 Minutes 34 Seconds

    Joseph loves to hang out with friends and enjoy quality time with family. In his story, he shares how it is hard for him to get attached to something or someone but with his dog, Coco, it was different. 

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  • Embrace The Beach by Bonnie Munguia

    by B. Munguia Length: 5 Minutes 20 Seconds

    Mrs. Munguia had the pleasure of working with the Scorpion Tales creators.  She appreciated the students and their support in helping her strengthen the narrative traits in her story.  This episode reflects her work as she devotes her time supporting teachers as they take risks and try new things in the classroom.  Mrs. Munguia is grateful that Ms. Speltz asked her to be a part of this project and is proud of the work of each student.

    Music Credit: www.bensound.com

    Sound Effects Credit: www.soundbible.com


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  • Failure by Jordan Smith

    by J. Smith Length:

    Jordan's story is about a tragedy this is a short journey in Jordan's life that taught him lessons about loss, love, family, and friends. When he's not writing, Jordan likes to surf the internet in his free time and enjoys making music. 

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  • Happiness by Gia Holguin

    by G. Holguin Length: 1 Minute 39 Seconds

    This short story is about things that make Gia the happiest: music and her friends.  She enjoyed the podcasting class as it helped her edit her stories to make them sound better.

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  • Little Did He Know by Jonathan Hernandez

    by Jonathan Hernandez Length: 4 minutes 23 seconds

    Jonathan's experience writing and recording have brought a new perspective within himself. He enjoyed the change to tell his stories from his own perspective. In this episode, he shares the experience of adopting and losing a beloved pet.  He hopes you all enjoy his story!

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  • My Story by Matthew Torres

    by M. Torres Length: 15 Minutes 2 Seconds

    Matthew used his story to reflect on the role that art and close friendships have played in his personal growth throughout high school.  Matthew enjoys drawing and hanging out with his friends. 

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  • Moments Immortalized by Carlos Andres Gonzalez

    by C. Gonzalez Length: 2 Minutes 44 Seconds
    Carlos is a student at Desert Valley High School. He is 17 years old and loves to watch movies. His story talks about his most cherished childhood memories.  He hopes sharing this story will inspire people to cherish those special moments in life that never fade away. 
    He wants to give thanks to God and his Father in faith for this important achievement in his life.
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  • My Very First Wrestling Tournament - Andrew Cazares

    by A. Cazares Length: 2 Minutes 5 Seconds

    Andrew enjoys staring at his phone all day and he dislikes reading books. His narrative is about how he started wrestling at a young age and his mentor in the sport. 

    Music: www.bensound.com

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  • Personal Achievement by Angela Ibarra

    by A. Ibarra Length: 3 Minutes 13 Seconds
    Anglea chose to write this narrative to inspire others to put their dreams into action. 
    She has been at Desert Valley for a year now & is really grateful for the change to take this class. 
    In her free time, Angela enjoys spending time with friends and family, her youth group, meeting new people and posting on Instagram.
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  • Sassy Narrative by Ricky Padilla

    by R. Padilla Length: 2 Minutes 24 Seconds

    Ricky struggled this year but had fun pushing himself to new limits. In his free time, he loves to listen to music (such as Mozart), use snapchat, and sleep in on the weekends. He wants a big shoutout to his momma and his grandma for feeding him and giving him the energy to work on his narratives.

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  • Soda Trauma by Kelly Henderson

    by K. Henderson Length: 4 minutes 26 seconds

    Kelly Henderson was one of the few students in Ms.Speltz's podcast class. She hopes that this episode will help other people gain the courage to try new things with her story Soda Trauma.

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  • The Hill by Dean Acevedo

    by D. Acevedo Length: 1 minute 54 seconds

    Dean likes riding motorcycles, music, and skateboarding.  This podcast is about Dean overcoming a challenge and realizing he could take on anything. 

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  • The Power of Music by Fernando Lara

    by F. Lara Length: 4 minutes 26 seconds
    Fernando's story is about his early introduction to music and how it has inspired him throughout his life. He knew he wanted to write about music because it has always been important to him. He has also played some instruments, including the guitar and the melodica. 
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  • Unexpected Experience by Mykul McCoy

    by M. McCoy Length: 8 Minutes 24 Seconds

    Mykul has also been through hard times before,  but none as unexpected or difficult as the one he shares in this story. He hopes listeners who have been in a similar situation can relate to his experience.

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  • What Are You Grateful For? by Rachel Villegas

    by R. Villegas Length: 4 Minutes 22 Seconds

    Rachel likes to spend time by herself, listen to music, and spend time with her friends and mom.  With this story, Rachel hopes to remind people to be grateful for the things they may take for granted in life.

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  • What Makes You Happy? by Jasmine Sanchez

    by J. Sanchez Length: 4 minutes 47 seconds

    Jasmine is 16 years old and is motivated to have good grades. She moved to Brawley from Los Angeles when she was 5 years old and family means so much to her. Her story is about learning to appreciate mundane sources of happiness. 

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