Brawley Union High School


    Mission Statement

    The mission of Brawley Union High School is to challenge and empower all students to graduate as self-directed, productive citizens who are effective communicators, critical thinkers, risk-takers and lifelong learners.


    Vision Statement



    * All people have worth.

    * All students can learn and succeed by demonstrating academic integrity and passion for self-directed learning.  

    * All students need encouragement, support, and structure to nurture their potential.

    * Together, both school and family are responsible for providing a foundation of rigorous instruction for maximizing academic achievement.

    * Every student has the individual ability and responsibility to choose the direction of his or her life and accept responsibility for his or her own choice.


    Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs):

    College and Career Readiness:

    Students will acquire postsecondary skills through:

    *Goal setting and organization *Daily attendance and punctuality *Participating in a rigorous academic experience *Prioritizing & monitoring progress towards personal goals and objectives *Identifying a career path and progressing toward a career goal

    Literacy and Communication:

    Students will value and demonstrate proficiency in:

    *Reading * Writing *Listening *Speaking * Technology

    Analytical Skills:

    Students will exhibit proficiency in:

    * Critical thinking *Problem solving *Creativity *Mathematical application


    Students will master District and Common Core Standards in:

    *English *Mathematics *Science *Social Studies *Career and Technical Education *Physical Education  *Foreign Language and Visual *Performing Arts

    Social & Personal Responsibility

    Students will expand their personal development in:

    *Social, emotional, and physical well-being *Community involvement * Collaboration *Understanding for cultural diversity *Civic readiness