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  • Advanced Placement World History

    Summer Assignment


    Getting Ready for the Course:


    Materials Needed:


    Spiral Notebook – (min 100 pages) Make sure your notebook is large enough to fit an 8.5 by 11 inch paper without having to do any cutting.  Your notebook will primarily contain all of the classwork.


    Binder (2 inch- 2.5 inch) Your binder will contain major assignments, handouts and other “packets” given throughout the year.  In addition it will contain information on the 3 different types of essays you will have to write on the AP Exam. Your binder should have one divider for each of the following items: Unit I and 2 (together), Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5, Unit 6, CC, DBQ, CCOT. (More information on each divider will be provided later, CC stands for Compare and Contrast, DBQ for Document Based Question, and CCOT refers to the Change and Continuity Over Time Essay.


    The ‘bulk’ of your summer assignment will be spent on organizing your binder.  In addition to having a total of 8 labeled dividers, you need to go to the class website and under the “Review Materials” folder/icon print out the “Cram Packets” (Unit Review Packets) for each unit and place them in the appropriate unit divider in your binder.  As far as content goes, you are required to complete a thorough review of the Unit I and 2 Cram Packet. In addition you can go over the other Cram Packets to get a ‘preview’ of the content we will be learning about in more depth throughout the year.


    I know it is a lot of printing and therefore would recommend that you print this in the school library or public library…this however will serve as a “Review Book” by the end of the year…


    Additional Materials – Please purchase each of the following: Glue Stick, Scissors, Ruler, Color Pencils, Colored Pens.


    The focus of the summer assignment is to give you an advantage on the organizational aspect of the course, which in turn is a critical factor in guaranteeing student success.  You should have all class materials ready by the first class period next year.  This will allow me to go over other important information on the first day, rather than to delve on the required materials for the course.  Now it is highly recommended that you purchase a review book of which I recommend Cracking the AP World History Exam by the Princeton Review.  If you have any other questions regarding the summer assignment or the class in general do not hesitate to contact me through email at


    See you next year!


    Mr. Hernandez





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