Desert Valley High School

Welcome To Desert Valley High School

If not us, then who?

Desert Valley High School sends our sincere appreciation to all of the healthcare and frontline professionals who continue to work tirelessly during these challenging times to help our community stay safe and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. 



To provide a  learning environment  in a safe and supportive setting, which encourages positive and responsible relationships so students can re-establish their academic, personal, and career objectives, which will enable students to identify and achieve their current and post-secondary goals.


Desert Valley High School embraces the belief that we must endeavor to create an educational climate in which all students are given the opportunity to develop their full academic and personal  potential.

Desert Valley High School provides a structured academic program that enables students to obtain a high school diploma and prepare for their post-secondary choices.  The school focuses on individual needs, provides standard-based curriculum, and the building of a positive self-concept.  Students are encouraged to improve their attendance, stretch their academic limits, and develop a positive attitude.

School-wide Learner Outcomes


  •     Demonstrating proficiency in written, oral and visual communications

  •     Receiving and interpreting information through reading and listening

  •     Contributing and functioning in various group settings

  •     Communicating effectively through the appropriate use of multimedia and technology


  •     Understanding and respecting diversity

  •     Making a positive contribution to school and community

  •     Demonstrating honest, ethical and courteous behavior

  •     Making wise choices that promote a healthy lifestyle


  •     Setting priorities and achievable personal, academic and career goals

  •     Seeking and utilizing resources to demonstrate mastery of content

  •     Utilizing critical thinking to solve problems

  •     Recognizing personal needs and utilizing supplemental services


  • Acquiring employability skills

  • Researching personal interest, skills and abilities

  • Utilizing research to plan and prepare for post-secondary options

  • Prioritizing and monitoring progress towards personal goals


Desert Valley High School (DVHS) is one of three schools in the Brawley Union High School District that serve the communities of Brawley and Westmorland.  DVHS is part of the Alternative Education program in the Brawley Union High School District which also include: the Renaissance Program, Adult Education and Independent Studies.  

DVHS was once again named a "Model Continuation High School" in February of 2020 by the California Department of Education for our continued efforts to assist the students in the Brawley Union High School District.  DVHS serves as an academic intervention for students who have fallen behind in credits and/or grade point average at Brawley Union High School or just need a smaller academic environment.  DVHS regularly serves approximately 180 students, most of which are juniors and seniors in high school.

Desert Valley High School strives to insure that all students graduate from high school and are prepared for their post-secondary goals.  Students at DVHS attend classes from 8:05am to 12:25pm and may participate in the district's Career Technical Education program in the afternoon.  

The regular staff at DVHS include a principal, a counselor, nine teachers, an instructional aide, a mental health specialist and a secretary.  DVHS also works with personnel from Imperial County Behavioral Health Services and Imperial County Department of Social Services.

For more information regarding Desert Valley High School please contact us at (760)-312-5100 or email us at