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Active Clubs:  2022-2023 Club List Student Information

Academic Decathlon
Advisor Mr. Barrera in room #68 
Hello Wildcats, this year Academic Decathlon is looking for students, who want to be part of this year's Academic Decathlon team. Please add yourself to the Google Classroom for further information. Code: zjtocxc. Mr. Barrera

African American Heritage Club 
Advisor Mr. Haley and Mrs. Self

Astronomy Club
Advisor Ms. Levy in room #30

Bilingual Club
Advisor Ms. Garcia in room #47A
The Bilingual Club will be having its weekly meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in room 47A. Come join us to put your name on the club list, meet new friends, and have some fun. 

Circle of Friends
Advisor Ms. Ray in room #10
Circle of Friends is looking for students who would like to be a friend to a student with a disability. Pick up an application from Student Services or Room 10.  Circle of Friends will have our first meeting with our buddies on November 10th in the Old Gym. Make sure to turn in your applications and join in on the fun!

California Scholastic Federation (CSF)
Advisor Mr. Martinez in room #71

Campus Life
Advisor Mrs. Archer in room #7
Campus Life meets on Wednesdays at lunch room 7. Fellowship, pizza, and fun!  All are welcome! 

Chess Club
Advisor Mr. Nunez in room #72
The Google classroom code is: uxtwvwe  Our meetings will be held in room 72 during lunch.  

Advisor Mr. Contreras in room #77

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

Class of 2025
Advisors Ms. Alvarez in room #41 and Mr. Guerrero in room #60
Class of 2025 are selling Cowbelle's Tickets! Class Of 2025 will be selling their Cowbelle's plate tickets in Room 41 during lunch and after school or if you're interested in selling tickets feel free to email us at

Class of 2026

Entrepreneur Club
Advisor Ms. Hardie in room #61
Students are invited to be part of the Entrepreneur Club. If you want to be a small business owner or learn to earn cash from a side hustle, please join us in Room 61 on Mondays during Tutorial.  Google Class Code is:  7wglwbb

Film Club
Advisor Ms. Seeger in room 42
Film Club meeting Tuesday during lunch in room 42. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Advisor Ms. Seeger in room #42
FCA meetings will be held every Thursday during lunch in Room 42. 

Fishing Club
Advisor Ms. MacKenzie in room #67

Folklorico Club
Advisor Ms. Oceguera in room #69
If you like to dance and learn about the different Hispanic dances, come join our Folklorico family and sign up for The Folklorico Club in Room 69 with Mrs. Oceguera or complete the following Google Form.

Our IVCEC students will restart their recycling program. Two trash cans will be placed in the quad labeled “Plastic” and “Cans”. Please donate your recyclables in these containers during lunchtime. The money earned from recycling helps us take students to community outings, pay for cooking lessons, and purchase classroom materials.

Interact Club
Advisor Mr. Rico in room #63

Key Club
Advisor Mr. D. Nunez in room #72

Link Crew
Advisors Ms. Self in the ASB Office and Ms. Tomboc in room #46

Mariachi Club
Advisor Mr. Alvarez in room #14
Students are invited to be part of the Mariachi Club. If you know guitar, base, or any musical instrument, or if you want to learn how to play the guitar, you are welcome to Room 14 (Mr. O. Alvarez).

Mat Mates
Advisor Ms. Tucker in room #64
Have any questions? Reach out to Ms. Tucker or Mr. Martinez for more information!

Advisor Ms. Nickel in room #37
Email Ms. Nickel at for details.

Pawsitivity Club
Advisor Ms. Tomboc in room #46

Retro Gaming Club
Retro Gaming club will have a meeting after school on Friday, everyone is welcomed to come by and have a smashing time.

Tall Flags
Advisor Ms. Ledon in room #28
If students are interested in joining flags and performing alongside our band in various events, please contact Ms. Ledon ( .

Travel Club
Advisor Ms. Self in ASB Office
Travel Club Classroom Link  

The Village
Advisors Ms. Hopkins in room #65 and Ms. Rosales in room #17
If you are in need of any school or personal supplies please see Ms. Hopkins (Rm 65) or Ms. Rosales (Rm 17), the Village is more than happy to provide you with any items you need free of charge. As always The Village meets every Wednesday during lunch in Room 65, new members are always welcome. Google Classroom Code: 3wsxhdb  
The Village room is open from 1:45-3:00 at the science building in Rm 24 on Collab Wednesday.

Young Men's Club