BUHS Yearbook - La Ocotilla

Yearbook Ordering information

  • Yearbook Ordering Information - click here to see the flier

    • The current yearbook cost is $75 until we sell out.

    • If yearbooks do not sell out, they will be sold on a First-come, first-serve basis at the end-of-the-year distribution event for $80

  • Cash/check payments must be paid in full in Room 54

    • Checks can be made out to BUHS Publications

  • Payment plans available with online purchases

Open Google Forms for ALL Students

Students who responded to the Fall Semester Google Forms sent out by Publications will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Pizza Hut Gift Card Raffle!

The winner will be announced when we return from break in January 2023. If you participated and shared photos for Publications use, check your email and Weekly/Morning announcements in case you are notified to pick up your prize :)

Thank you to all participants - we look forward to seeing your contributions in the Spring Semester!

SENIORS Only Information

  • As of February 10, 2023, ad purchases are no longer available.