BUHS Yearbook - La Ocotilla

Yearbook Ordering information

  • Yearbook Ordering Information - click here to see the flyer for website or phone number needed for online/phone orders.

    • The current yearbook cost is at the discounted price of $70 until October 31!

    • Beginning November 1, yearbooks will be $75 until we sell out.

    • If yearbooks do not sell out by May 2024, they will be sold on a First-come, first-serve basis at the end-of-the-year distribution event for $80.

  • Cash/check payments must be paid in full in Room 54

    • Checks can be made out to BUHS Publications

  • Payment plans available with online purchases

  • Dedication/Business Ad Ordering information

    • All ads must be purchased and created online - click here for the website.

    • All ads must be ordered and created by 11:59 pm on February 1, 2024.

      • The website has been known to crash when overloaded with last minute order so it is highly recommended to place your order before this date/time.

    • Sizing and Pricing Information:

      • Full Page: $300

      • 1/2 Page: $160

      • 1/4 Page: $100

      • 1/8 Page: $65

Open Google Forms for ALL Students

BUHS Publications wants to include all student voices! In order to contribute to and be featured in the 2024 La Ocotilla Yearbook, Google Forms will be sent out to staff and students and listed below.

Keep an eye on your email and this website for further information and deadlines for Google Forms!

SENIORS Only Information

  • 2024 Senior Bio Google Form: click here to access the link to the form.

    • Whatever information is included in this Google Form will be considered your "Senior Bio" and inserted beside your Senior Portrait in the 2023 BUHS Yearbook.

      • Bios: The yearbook staff reserves the right to edit or delete any inappropriate or excessive writing in the Senior Bios, so it is in your best interest to limit how much you write. These are designed to be short and to the point. If you would like more space in the yearbook, please inquire about how to purchase an advertisement in the yearbook.

      • Baby Photos: Upload your baby picture at the end of the form. If your baby picture is not in digital form, please scan or take a picture of it so you can attach it to this form.

      • Signatures: Use the following link to access the website where you will create your signature, download it, and upload here in this Google Form - https://createmysignature.com/

      • Send in only ONE response to this form. If you send in more than one reply to this form, be advised that your multiple responses may cause difficulty for the yearbook staff when locating and transferring all information to your Senior portrait area; therefore, your Bio, Baby picture, or signature could be impacted or missing due to multiple form-responses.

    • Form is due by Friday, November 10 by midnight - this is a one-time-only opportunity and there will be no other extensions.

      • Be advised that if you did not have your senior photo taken for the yearbook, your bio will not be printed in the section

    • If you have any questions, email Publications adviser, Ms. Camargo, at mcamargo@brawleyhigh.org