PBIS logo with red, yellow, and blue stripes

What is PBIS Rewards?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports. It is an evidence-based framework used by schools to improve school culture and student behavior, promoting a safe environment for learning. PBIS is based on several decades of research by major universities across the country. A key aspect of PBIS is focusing on more positive behaviors and less on negative behaviors. For more information visit https://www.pbisrewards.com/about/

How to Redeem PBIS Rewards?

Step 1: Select "Student Login"

Step 2: Sign-in with Google

Step 3: Scroll and select "Store"

Step 4: Select "School Store"

Step 5: Select "Buy" on Reward

Step 6: Confirm purchase

Step 7: Redeem award in the ASB Office!