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BUHSD is proud of the Career Technical Education Pathways it offers.  Students have various opportunities for hands-on, career-specific learning.  Many programs are articulated with college-level work and/or prepare students for industry certifications.  These courses may work in conjunction with other electives and core area classes to strengthen the learning.  Class counselors and the ROP Guidance Technician are available daily to review pathways and career information with students.

CTE Pathways are offered in the following Industry Sectors at BUHSD:                 

Health Science & Medical Technology                                                         

Manufacturing and Product Development                                                        

Building & Construction Trades                                               

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation                           

Agriculture and Natural Resources                                 

Arts, Media and Entertainment

Public Services

 View the current pathways and sample sequence of courses available in each industry sector by accessing our BUHSD CTE Brochure

2020-2021 Perkins V Grant Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA)

High Quality CTE Program Evaluation and Plan

Career Technical Education Pathway

CTE Pathways available in the BUHSD              

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