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Transcript Request

Transcripts may be requested by going to, by email, or online. 

Walk In Request

You must complete a transcript request form in the Main Office, there will be a $3.00 charge. It will take 2-3 days for your request. If you need to order your diploma, there is a $6.00 charge and it will take 3 days for this request.

Request By Mail

  1. Send a letter to the registrar with a money order for $3.00 paid to the order of BUHSD. 

  2. Include your name as it appeared when you attended our school, date of birth, graduation date, or drop date. Please specify what school you attended in our district. 

  3. Give the address and contact information where you want the transcript mailed. Please note the name of someone other than the student who is picking up the transcript.

  4. If mailing, please allow 10 days for processing 

 Request Online

Please go to the following link to order a transcript online: 

BUHS Transcript On Line Request
DVHS Transcript On Line Request

Petition for InterDistrict Attendance

InterDistrict Petitions are filed with the BUHS Administration Office.  You can contact Sandra Cortez at or 760-312-6073. 

Parents who need to file an InterDistrict Petition for their child to attend another school district can download this petition and bring it to the BUHS Administration Office.  If you are requesting to attend a school at BUHSD, please complete the petition and take it first to your current district of residence.

Please contact Sandra Cortez at or 760-312-6073 with any questions.

New student to BUHSD

If you are new to the district, please refer to the Transcript/Enrollment Information page below for the necessary procedures and documents.

Shared Files

Transcript/Enrollment Information

Phone: 760-312-5158


Mrs. Isabel G. Silva

District Registrar