District Mission, Vision, & Goals

District Mission Statement

To provide a student-centered educational experience, focused on high academic expectations, in a safe and secure learning environment.

District Vision Statement 

To prepare students to become productive global citizens.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • Excellence in learning, teaching and service to our students

  • Equity in access, resource allocation and educational opportunities

  • Engagement with students, families and our community

  • Enrichment in curricular and extracurricular offerings and activities

Strategic Goals

Increase the educational achievement of all of our students

Close achievement gaps

Provide a positive school climate both virtually and on District campuses

Improve communication efforts among stakeholders

Ensure a safe and orderly environment

2020/2021 District Objectives

  • Instruction

    Establish a partnership with students, parents/guardians to ensure student academic expectations are met and needs are supported.
    Set high academic standards for all students and staff and hold each accountable to Distance/Hybrid/Traditional Learning requirements.
    Ensure appropriate professional development aligned to all instructional models is in place for staff and evaluate its effectiveness.

  • Educational Environment

    Aim for equity in distance learning by providing support for technology needs and technical support for students/families. 
    Continue high expectations of academic standards while providing students social emotional learning and mental health support.
    Continue with proactive long-term planning of District safety and security.

  • Human Resources

    Promote a student centered  environment throughout the District.
    Enhance accountability measures for all staff related to instructional delivery and provide  students tiered support.
    Ensure staff models professionalism in all aspects of their work.

  • Buildings and School Facilities

    Implement COVID-19 safety protocols according to public health guidelines.
    Pursue a complete facilities master plan aligned to 21st Century student & staff needs.
    Evaluate strategies and develop goals aligned to completing the construction of a STEM facility.

  • Communication

    Develop a user-friendly platform for strong and consistent District messaging and communication.  

    Provide Stakeholders with appropriate resources, support, and information related to the impacts of  the COVID-19 Pandemic on educational programs. 
    Provide program updates with detailed data to support findings and evaluate effectiveness.

  • Budget and Finance

    Enhance fiscal transparency by developing a budget & finance subcommittee.

    Review/enhance District’s procurement policy and processes as needed.
    Pursue appropriate funding sources to support District goals and objectives.
    Monitor fiscal stability of District.