Mr. Simon Canalez

Phone: 760-312-6085


August 2023

I hope you had a wonderful summer break!  We are excited for the start of the 23/24 schoolyear. Our goal remains to provide our students with a high quality educational experience while being actively involved and personally connected. 

We will focus on enhancing the educational achievement of all of our students, closing achievement gaps, providing a positive school climate, improving communication efforts among stakeholders, and ensuring a safe and orderly environment.   Our mission to provide appropriate support and intervention for all students through a MTSS environment will continue to drive all programs and practices.

Please consider taking advantage of the new ancillary programs we are offering across the district. Hazel Health and Hazel Heart provide free virtual physical and mental health resources to all students in the district. After school programs hosted by ARC provide academic support and enrichment activities to students at BUHS, DVHS, and Renaissance. We have also partnered with the Fresno State Parent University program to provide support to parents/guardians in the district. Visit our website to gain additional information on these programs.

I am excited and look forward to continue working with all of you.  Thank you for your support as we strive to educate your child in a safe, positive, and academically challenging environment.


Simon Canalez