Citizens' Oversight Committee

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The constituents of the Brawley Union High School District approved Measure C, a $18.7 Million General Obligation Bond, on November 6, 2018. The Citizen's Oversight Committee has been formed to review expenditures from construction activity associated with Measure C. The Committee will be responsible for ensuring that bond revenues are used only as voters intended and for informing the public of bond expenditures.

Adopted BUHSD COC Bylaws

Committee Members
Veronica Hernandez, Chairperson
Vicky Hernandez, Vice-Chairperson
Kevin Kenagy, Secretary
Isabel Solis
Jennifer Armstrong
Sarah Chairez
Patti Wilson

COC Agendas
COC Agenda 05/30/23
COC Agenda 04/04/23
COC Agenda 03/30/22
COC Agenda 02/03/21
COC Agenda 11/19/19
COC Agenda 05/22/19
COC Agenda 03/14/19

COC Minutes
COC Minutes 05/30/23
COC Minutes 04/04/23
COC Minutes 03/30/22
COC Minutes 02/03/21
COC Minutes 11/19/19
COC Minutes 05/22/19
COC Minutes 03/14/19